D-Tactical Southern Africa Firearms Series PVC Patch #004 – Vektor R5

Limited run of 100 Patches only.



D-Tactical Southern Africa Firearms Series PVC Patch #004 – Vektor R5

Velcro Backed PVC Patch
Numbered Art Card
Limited run Sticker
D-Tactical Sticker

The Vektor R5

The R5 is a selective fire, gas-operated weapon that fires from a closed bolt. As with the Galil parent weapon, the operating system is derived from that of the AK47. It uses ignited powder gases channeled through a vent in the barrel to drive a long stroke piston located above the barrel in a gas cylinder to provide power to the operating system. The weapon features a self-regulating gas system and a rotary bolt breech locking mechanism (equipped with two locking lugs), which is rotated by a helical camming groove machined into the bolt carrier that engages a control pin on the bolt. Extraction is carried out by means of a spring-loaded extractor contained in the bolt and a protrusion on the left guide rail inside the receiver acts as the fixed ejector.


The R5 is hammer-fired and uses a trigger mechanism with a 3-position fire selector and safety switch. The stamped sheet steel selector bar is present on both sides of the receiver and its positions are marked with letters: “S”— indicating the weapon is safe, “R”—single-fire mode (“R” is an abbreviation for “repetition”), and “A”—fully automatic fire. The “safe” setting disables the trigger and secures the weapon from being charged.

The R5 is fed from a synthetic box magazine with a 35-round cartridge capacity (designed to use the 5.56×45mm NATO cartridge with the M193 projectile) loaded in a staggered configuration. During the 1980s South African troops were issued with one 50-round magazine as well. The flash suppressor features a bulge to disable the launching rifle grenades.

The R5 has a side-folding tubular stock, which folds to the right side of the receiver. The rifle’s handguard, pistol grip, magazine, stock arms and shoulder pad are all made from a synthetic material, making it lighter in weight than the equivalent original Galil model which uses heavier metal and wood in these components.

For regular field maintenance and cleaning, the firearm is disassembled into the following components: the receiver and barrel group, bolt carrier, bolt, return mechanism, gas tube, receiver dust cover and magazine.

The South African Navy, South African Air Force, South African Military Health Service, and South African Police Service adopted a short carbine version of the 5.56 mm Galil SAR, which was license-manufactured as the R5. The R5, when compared to the larger R4, has a barrel that is 130 millimetres (5.1 in) shorter, together with a shorter gas system and handguard. It also lacks a bipod, and the flash hider does not support rifle grenades.

In the 1990s, an even more compact personal defence weapon variant of the R5 was developed for armoured vehicle crews, designated the R6, which has a further reduced barrel and a shortened gas cylinder and piston assembly. This reduced the barrel length to 279 millimetres (11.0 in).

epa00790525 Members of the SAPS (South African Police Services) National Penetration Team enter a house during a training session in Pretoria, South Africa, Tuesday 08 August 2006. South Africa has one of the world’s highest crime rates with the South African Government recently starting an investigation into the high prevalence of violent crime in the country. With this the pressure is mounting on the South African government to prove it’s safety prior to the FIFA 2010 World Cup to be held in South Africa. EPA/KIM LUDBROOK
Vektor Rifle Specifications
Model Overall
Weight ROF
Vektor R5 Carbine 877 mm (34.5 in) stock extended
615 mm (24.2 in) stock folded
332 mm (13.1 in) 3.7 kg (8.2 lb) 650–700 rpm

Limited run of only 100 patches, once they are sold out – they will not be made again.